As you look out the window of your corner office, you watch the city workers remove the holiday decorations from the lampposts and store them away for another year. Your mind is racing however, as you think about your next steps as CEO of ToyBlock Co. It was a remarkable holiday season for your company, You achieved record revenues through all of your marketing channels - megamarts, boutique stores, and surprisingly the e-tailers. In fact, ToyBlocks' sales to online toy retailers tripled from last year, causing a flurry of questions to swim through your head:
  1. Should I take ToyBlocks Co. online and reap some of the online benefits?
  2. Is now the time to make such a significant change in reaching our end customers?
  3. What sort of marketing budget will be necessary to make an online venture successful?
  4. What will our existing channel partners think of such a move by ToyBlocks?
  5. Will they refuse to carry our products?
  6. What is best for ToyBlock in the long run?
You've got to make some decisions fast - the Board of Directors, and chairman Amanda Twilson, are very anxious about this issue. They've made it clear that they don't want to be left in the dust of an Internet revolution. But ultimately, your success depends on the continued prosperity of ToyBlocks Co. You must consider industry trends and potential channel issues before making a decision...
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