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System Requirements requires that your web browser supports Java JDK 1.1.5 and are running either Windows95, 98, NT, or 2000 (Applet might run on other systems, but they have not been tested). The following browsers support Java JDK 1.1 (clicking on these links will take you to each companies' site for downloading)


This is a small java applet. Depending on your system and connection speed it may take up to a few minutes to download and start. will open a new browser window, which will allow you to refer to the directions while playing the game. Load it now and then go read the instructions.

Estimated download times are:

  •  28k connection - 1 minute
  •  128k connection - 30 seconds
  •  T1 connection - 4 seconds
  •  From Kellogg it will take around 4 seconds

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Total Budget

This represents your total marketing budget with which to support your channel partners in promoting and selling your product. This budget must be allocated among the various channels and is at your complete discretion.

Budget Allocation

You can allocate budget amounts to the channels by adjusting the budget allocation pie chart. You can adjust the budget distribution by dragging the section borders of the pie chart. Use the lock buttons to the lower left to "fix" one (or two) of the budget amounts and adjust the chart to modify the remaining two.

Channel Activities

After selecting the individual channel budgets it is necessary to determine where that money will be allocated among the various functional activities within the channel. Individual channels react differently to different activities and it is up to you to determine the correct mix. Once again values can be changed be dragging the section borders of the pie chart.

Launch online channel

The "red" or fourth channel is not active when you begin the game. It becomes active if you select the area and indicate that you wish to launch your online channel when the dialogue box appears. Once you have decided to go online the decision is not reversible.

Advance Button

Once you have adjusted all budget values and are satisfied with your strategy you must select the advance button to move to the next period. You can not undo this action so be sure of your strategy.


Once the period has advanced you will immediately receive feedback on your performance for that period. This feedback will provide clues as to the changes you must make to reach the optimum stock valuation. There will be textual feedback regarding the company's overall performance (left) as well as visual feedback of your individual channel performance (right).


On the right side of the interface you will also see various charts illustrating your performance and that of the channels. You will see individual channel net margins, ToyBlock's net margin, and your stock valuation. These are an important indicator of your performance.


If you wish to review your past decisions or the last periods feedback you can select "history" and these options will be available to you. This may be helpful if you decide to change strategy and wish to see past spending levels.

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  Terms & Definitions

Current Channels


ToyBlock's advertising campaigns currently consist of television spots, radio spots, and print ads. These ads consist of either retailer ads that feature the ToyBlock product or ToyBlock ads which contain a retailer bumper at the end.


Consumer & Trade Promotions include consumer coupons which pull in customers and various trade promotions which push the product into the store.


Merchandising includes point-of-purchase vehicles such as retail sale racks, on-shelf advertisements or end-of-aisle displays that promote a brand to the consumer in the retail store.

ToyBlock's Direct Online Channels


Advertising for the company's online store,, includes both "off-line" and "online" advertising mediums. Off-line advertising expenditures include the traditional television, radio and print ad campaigns. While online advertising expenditures can be for standard banner ads, co-branded web sites, or exclusivity deals with Internet portals such as Yahoo!, Google or AOL can be used as well.

Site Development

Site Development expenditures include all the costs related to creating, designing and engineering the web site. Your product development team and engineering staff are responsible for these expenditures. In the constantly changing environment of Commerce, it is important that your team keep the web site fresh and up-to-date with the latest in technology.

Customer Service

Customer Service expenses include the costs of running your customer service operation, including your customer service email account, toll free customer service hotline, refunds to unhappy customers, and print and mailing expenses related to customer communications.

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"The game will not load or I get a Security Violation message at the bottom of my browser."

Your browser does not support JDK (Java Developers Kit) 1.1.5. You need to upgrade your browser. We recommend Microsoft's Internet Explorer 5.0.

If you have the appropriate level browser, try closing all instancesof your browser windows and navigate back to

"The login screen loads, but when I press 'OK', I get an error message, or nothing happens." Unfortunately, the server may have gone down, or the applet might have lost contact with the server, please close all browser windows and try again.
"My browser freezes up after I'm done playing the game." The application seems to work strangely on some systems, causing an imbalance in the cosmos or more closely with your browser. In the worst case scenario, you'll have to end the process and restart the browser.
"I do not understand all the controls." Just read the help above and play around with the controls.

If you have any questions or issues not covered above please email us at:

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