The Inner Workings...

Even though might seem like a simple game, the complexity which drives it is quite remarkable.

Some common questions are:
"How is my Stock Price determined?"
"How does the CEO know what to say?"
"How does this internet thing work anyhow?"


Q.   "How is my Stock Price determined?"


PowerSim™ Model

The PowerSim model which drives the player's score takes all types of factors into account, such as the the effect of cannabilization from one channel to another, market growth, industry and company financials, user conversion rates, and even an overall population model. All of these factors feed in to generating the profits, revenues, costs, the overall stock valuation and statistics on the companies performance.

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Q.   "How does the CEO know what to say?"


Knowledge Dynamics - Discourse Engine™

The Discourse Engine from Knowledge Dynamics is an intelligent rules-based expert system that simulates intelligent agent personalities. These personalities play the roles of the Channel Managers and the CFO and give realistic feedback based on the player's decisions and their outcomes. The screen shot below shows the workbench that is used to create and test the personalities.

Knowledge Dynamics Knowledge Studio

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Q.   "How does this internet thing work anyhow?"


Knowledge Dynamics - jaspi™

Based on the open standards of Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE), the Knowledge Dynamics jaspi™ architecture makes use of the latest in Servlets, Java Server Pages (JSPs), Enterprise Java Beans (EJB) and Swing and scales to support thousands of users.

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