Kellogg's Digital Frontier Conference is the longest running high-tech MBA conference in the country and the most well attended event at the Kellogg Graduate School of Management. DFC 2000 will be a two-day event on January 21 - 22, 2000, attracting over 800 attendees, including senior executives, technology visionaries, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, industry media and MBA students from top business schools.

The DFC is not like other industry conferences. It is not a trade show, a high-tech cocktail event, nor an esoteric think tank-type affair. It is a 100% student-run, hands-on, educational conference, in which CEOs mingle with students, entrepreneurs rub elbows with academics, and there is one overarching goal: everybody learns!

Year after year the DFC has continued to expand its scale, richness and reach. The number of panels, attendees and corporate sponsorships has grown exponentially since the DFC's inception. As of 1999, the DFC has exceeded its capacity within the four walls of Kellogg. DFC 2000 aims to break down those walls and broadcast the conference live to thousands of virtual attendees around the world.

DFC 2000 - Transforming Business to eBusiness DFC 2000 will be positioned as the educational conference that will help businesses forge and implement a winning eBusiness strategy. Kellogg understands the importance of the Internet and the ways in which it is turning the competitive landscape upside down. DFC 2000 is prepared to help provide current and future business leaders with the knowledge and tool sets necessary to successfully revolutionize their organizations in the digital marketplace.

DFC 2000 will continue to expand its format innovations by offering not only keynote speakers, panel discussions and entrepreneurial "how to" workshops, but also by creating more "roll up your sleeves" type workshops, competitions, and interactive business simulations. The eBusiness themes encompassing

DFC 2000 will include four tracks of panels including: eNovation to address topics in product innovation, eMarketing, eTransformation to highlight the impact of both the Internet and other new technologies on selected vertical markets, and eMetrics to understand new valuation techniques and other financial issues surrounding eBusiness project investments.

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